Public & Academic Writing

Public and media writing

Meet Aotearoa’s Cyborg Kids

In The Spinoff (2022)

Red flag waving: Precarity of kiwis in Australia is not just a Covid-19 issue

In In(corrigibly) Plural (2020)

Academic publications (journal articles & technical reports)

Buhler, M., Wardell, S., Fitzgerald, R.P. (2022). “‘We’re all watching each other’: Dunedin supermarket workers and the 2020 pandemic lockdown.” Sites: a journal of social anthropology and cultural studies 18(1), 103-123. 20 pages.

Wardell, S. (2022). Dialogical Sense-Making in the Digital Public Sphere: Citizenship, Care, and Disability. Sites: a journal of social anthropology and cultural studies, 18(1), 25-51. 26 pages.

Wardell, S. (2022). Marking Pandemic Time: Introduction to the Special Section ‘Writing Ethnographically During a Pandemic’ (Part Two). Anthropology and Humanism 47(1).3 pages.

Wardell, S. (2022). Walking Memories: from the Red Zone to the City on the 10th anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake. Anthropology and Humanism 47(1).14 pages.

Wardell, S. (2021).Threshold Concepts in Social Anthropology: Literature and Pedagogical Applications in a Bridging Project. Teaching and Learning Anthropology, 4(2), 1-26. 26 pages.

Wardell, S. (2021). Dividing the Light: Personal reflections on anthropological becomings. Commoning Ethnography, 4(1), 79-102. 23 pages.

Wardell, S. (2021). To wish you well: The biopolitical subjectivities of medical crowdfunders during and after Aotearoa New Zealand’s COVID19 lockdown. BioSocieties. 27 pages.

Wardell, S. (2021). Southern/Cross. Sites, 18(1). 2 pages.

Wardell, S. (2021). Fingeryeyes; Social Scripts; Flow (Three Poems Exploring Digital Affect). Anthropology and Humanism 46(1).7 pages.

Neuwelt-Kearns, C., Baker, T., Calder-Dawn, O., Bartos, A.E., Wardell, S. (2021). Getting the crowd to care: Marketing illness through health-related crowdfunding in Aotearoa New Zealand. Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space: Special Issue. Advance online publication

Robinson, E., Wardell, S. (2020). Technical Report: Effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on the healthcare experiences of medical crowdfunders in Aotearoa New Zealand. University of Otago.

Wardell, S. (2020). Naming and framing ecological distress. Medicine, Anthropology, Theory, 7(2), 187-201.

Trundle, C., Wardell, S. (2020). The meaning of pain: exploring the intersections of poetry and ethnography. Irish Journal of Anthropology: Special issue, 22(1), 238-253.                                              

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Fitzgerald, R.P., Wardell, S., & Legge, M. (2017). Fetal Genetic Difference and a Cosmopolitan Vernacular of the Right to Choose. Women’s Studies International Forum, 110-117.

Wardell, S., Fitzgerald, R. P., Legge, M., & Clift, K. (2014). A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the New Zealand media portrayal of Down syndrome. Disability and Health Journal, 7(2), 242–250.

Wardell, S. (2013). Doctors and All Blacks: How depression and its treatment is framed in New Zealand GP-targeted advertising. Sites, 10(2), 52-81.


Wardell, S. (2018). Living in the Tension: Care, selfhood, and wellbeing among faith-based youth workers. Carolina Academic Press; North Carolina.

Commentary on professional issues
(blog posts, interviews & podcasts)

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