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My work in creative non-fiction ranges in style and focus. Essays help me interweave subjects of personal and academic interest – often allowing new accesses in doing so.


It is comforting to see yourself on the page. Why else do we read? We read to know we are not alone. Then when we learn something new about ourselves, we re-read to know we are still not alone...

From ‘Diagnosing anne”

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Red Zone Pie

Winner of the Te Māna a Tāna essay creative prose competition; published in Headland (2021)

Companion Planting: the art and history of gardening

A book review/personal essay, published in The Spinoff (2021)

Diagnosing Anne

A personal essay, published in The Spinoff (2021)

The overstory: a knockout novel that speaks for the trees

A book review essay, published in The Spinoff (2020)

Is it me or is it us?

A book review, published in Landfall Review Online (2019)

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Strong Words (Anthology)

Essay: “Shining through the Skull” (2020)


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