Flash and micro fiction

Telling very small stories…

Blending and blurring genre conventions, spinning narratives suspended in a single moment, learning to weigh each word… I’ve come to love this genre of writing, and have learned a lot from it.


  • “The Bottom of the Cliff” – 1st Place, National Flash Fiction Day Competition, Open Section (2021) 
  • “One Bedroom, Sky” – Shortlisted, National Flash Fiction Day Competition, Open Section (2021)
  • “Mori” – Longlisted, Micro-Madness International Micro Fiction Competition  (2021)
  • “Confession” – Best Animal Appearance, 24-Hour Flash Fiction Competition – NZ Young Writers’ Festival (2020) 
  • “Wild Life” – 2nd place, Micro-Madness International Micro Fiction Competition  (2020)
  • “Tī Koūka” – 1st Place, Micro-Madness International Micro Fiction Competition  (2019)

Her skin is bare, radiating with hope. No, that bit is a dream. Really, she peers out from layers of micro-fleece. No room to take it all in. This shining giant. It groans as they glide by, so near she could have reached out to run her fingers over its body

From ‘ikateq’

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Video recording, National Flash Fiction Day (2020)

The Bottom of the Cliff

In Flash Frontier (2021)

Wild life

Video recording, National Flash Fiction Day (2020)

One Bedroom, Sky

A book review, In Flash Frontier (2021)


In NZ Young Writers festival (not currently online)

An awesome multi-genre experience

Photo by Peter McIntosh, ODT: https://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/theatre-piece-flash-fiction-day

In 2021 I had the fantastic experience of seeing one of my pieces of micro-fiction (called ‘Filmic’) selected, to be turned into a dance performance by Amanda Faye Martin and Sofia Kalogeropouou

The performance featured an original piano composition and three dancers with unique choreography, as the story was read aloud, at the National Flash Fiction Day awards event in Dunedin